Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Leads2Results Consumer Leads

Leads2Results is offering the number one consumer leads available on the internet.  We get our own leads though our perfected leads generation process.   Our consumer leads are compiled by adequate buyers prepared to make a purchase.   And Leads2Results sends all there important details are sent right  so that you can take.

All of our leads at leads2results are sent in real time and unlike others in our business, we will never send leads that have been sitting on our server for even a minute. Rates vary depending on the type and amount of leads purchased. At leads2results all of our leads originate from empowered people who are surfing the net for what you have to offer. Our claim to fame is that the purity of our real-time leads is never tampered with.  What sets us apart from other internet lead providers is that we do not use telemarketers, email solicitation, or contests to generate our real-time leads. With Leads2Results you also have the option to choose specific states and other information to tailor your leads. Check us out at or call on of our leads specialist at 1.800.486.8616

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leads2Results - Business Leads

Here at Leads2Results we know your customers. In fact we have there names and numbers and the specifics of what they are looking for.  We collect important data when future clients or customers fill out ma specially designed online questioners.  And the only reason any one ever fills out one of our forms is because they want quotes and information regarding your product or service.  As soon as we get there information we send it to you in real time, so you can take action immediately.  And since leads2results has been around for 12 years we have a very strong online presence with all the major search engines.  And our experience in the industry is a testament to the quality of our leads.

You can also save money while increasing your volume of leads with our aged business leads. These are unsold leads that have been saved in our data base.
Feel free to view on of our sample leads and sign up for a free account today. Check out our real time business leads  or give us a call at 1.800.486.8616

Friday, December 16, 2011

Leads2Results - Great New Look Same Great Leads

Leads2Results - Web Design Leads

One of the most important elements to a website is the the actual design. Some people consider it a special skill to be able to plan out all the elements that go into creating an effective website. Digital media and interactive elements are mixed with text, images, and video to make one cohesive design. Utilizing these elements though a markup language like HTML, CSS and java script help actually build the website. 
There are lots of people out there who do not have this skill on there own, but they need a website, and therefor need website design services. Overall there is a huge demand for website design and designers. In-fact there are entire schools build for teaching the skill. Anyone who is interested in running a successful business needs to have a website. And now a days it's not just enough to have any old website. The website needs catch the users attention, and do so quickly. And there doesn't look to be any slow down of internet growth any time soon.
Many of these potential customers find our website, AllOptions, in there search for website design services. Here they fill out a form outlining there website design needs, also including there contact information. If you are signed up with Leads2Results, the very second they submit the completed form, it is sent to you. You can then call them an earn there business!

For More Informations on web design leads visit Leads2Results

Monday, May 9, 2011

Consumers Health Insurance Needs

Most Americans are trimming there budget these days.  One aria that is of major importance to everyone is Health insurance and health care.  In order to be able to provide Medical insurance, it's important to know what Americans are looking for.  
To get a health insurance quote Americans are turning to the internet.  Buy filling out one form many companies can provide them with multiple free quotes with in minutes.  Competing companies have to be able to set fourth there best offers in order to win the consumer over.
Consumers are finding it most beneficial to customize there health insurance plan.  The general rule of thumb for them is that one size does not fit all.    Because of increasing cost many Americans are opting to choose a higher deductible so that monthly cost are not as difficult to meet, while if there should be some major medical expenses, they will be covered.
For those consumers with a family, the number of yearly doctor visits is something that is being more carefully balanced.  They have to factor in how many doctor visits will occure in a given year, multiplied by the cost and number of members in the family.  If this number in less than the cost of the added cost to there health insurance they usually will not have a wellness package included with there insurance.  If they do opt of a wellness plan  they tend to make sure there prefered doctors and or hospitals are included in the insurance network.    Offering flexability in this for the consumer will greatly increase the chances that they will include a wellness plan to there insurance package.
Another aria that is very important to consumers is the cost of there medication.  Many medications can be very costly with out health insurance and getting more so everyday.  Most people are turning to generic prescriptions   Providing these drugs at a low to no co pay rate is a major factor in there decision making process, especially if the take maintenance drugs.  Most preferred is if they are able to get there generic prescriptions in bulk.   
Last but no least American health insurance consumers are looking at the benefits of a HSA or a heath savings account.  
Acknowledging these factors and being prepared for what consumers in the American health insurance marketplace are looking for can greatly increase you ability to provide them with a health care package that they want.  Most important is to provide them with the best, most affordable package for there needs.  Leads2Results in s premier provider of health insurance leads.

Our Health Insurance Leads Can Help You Grow!  We offer Real-Time Health Insurance Leads generated on the internet to companies seeking high quality health insurance leads or group health insurance leads.
What sets us apart from other internet lead providers is that we do not use telemarketers, email solicitations, and contests to generate our leads. All of our leads are generated from highly targeted websites that are designed to attract potential clients who are interested in purchasing health insurance.
We are offering these leads currently on a non-exclusive basis only. These non-exclusive leads are provided to no more than three agents or companies. We give you the option to choose specific states, and pricing can vary depending on the amount purchased.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Benefits of Aged Leads

Aged Leads are a great tool to telemarketing and mailing list.  Aged Leads offer you a much larger volume of leads at a price far reduced from the real time leads.  This allows you to keep a constant flow of sales through your pipeline.  Even though the leads are aged they are still generated from self motivated applicants searching the web for your products or services.  Often times consumers need some time before they decide to take action so they can really look at there options.  Aged Leads allow you to engage your customer during a time in which they are ready to take this action. 

Aged Leads can be a great tool for training.  It can be expensive to get your new sales representatives to place where they can engage potential customers on there own.  The leads you need to use while training them can be quite costly.  You will find that a lot of companies with lots of new hires buy a lot of Aged Leads.  

You don't need to be training new sales agents to take full advantage of Aged Leads.  If there simply is not much of a budget available for leads, Aged Leads can offer you a large volume of leads while allowing you to stay with in your budget. 

Even if  budge constraints are not an issue Aged Leads can still be very beneficial.  You can get a huge volume of leads while saving significantly of each and every lead.  We all know that more often than not sales in a numbers game, so the more leads you have to work with the more sales you will make.  Keeping in mind that Ages Leads are of the same high quality as real time leads, just older, one can see how this can be a very viable option for any company looking for a high volume of leads.

If you are interested in purchasing Aged Leads Leads2Results has the highest quality Aged Leads in the industry.  Call 1-800-486-8616 for more information or sign up for a FREE account at

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things to know when selling Security Systems

Residential and Business Security System consumers they should do there research before committing to a security system.  Most states require licensed contractors to handle service, maintenance, monitoring, and repair of commercially-installed security systems and consumers want to make sure they find the best contractor available.
Security System consumers are looking for  a contractor who get fourteen or more hours of education every two years, and hold no less than $800,000 in property and liability insurance.  This ensures the contractor is up to date with emerging technologies in there field.
Consumers are asking companies to provide there licence numbers to make sure that they hire a Security Systems installation contractor that meets these qualifications.
Security System Shoppers also tend to do a lot of comparing amongst Security Systems providers.  They are also aware that price should not always be a determining factor in there decision.  They are weary of the fact that some deals that look too good to be true, are.  Instead they are looking at the long term service plan instead of just the initial installation.  They are look for quotes, and they are looking for them in writing.  They want to know which Security System is being recommended, the components of that security system and what kind of monitoring is included in the package.
Consumers are also encouraged to be patient and to avoid signing contracts right away.  They want a company that will also be patient with them and answer all the questions they need answered before being comfortable enough to sign a contract.
Security System consumers tend to want to know if all the employees have passed criminal background check in order to protect them selfs.
Security System consumers are also looking to receive a training session on there new system so that there family and or business partners can become comfortable with the general operations of the system.
Knowing all of this before making you pitch can greatly increase your chances of a Security Systems Sale.  Another powerful tool that can help aid you in sales in investing in some security systems leads.  Leads2Results is a great resource for security systems leads.  They offer these leads Nation Wide.  They gather information form potential security system clients through an online questioner.  In order for the client to even get to the questioner they must be doing a very specific internet search for Security Systems.  Leads2Results does not lure them in buy offering them free products or through telemarketing so there Security Systems leads are only from interested consumers.  As soon as the online questioner in completed it is sent directly to your email address so that you may jump on the opportunity as quickly as you like, hens the term "Real Time Leads".  
So Create a free account at simply sign up for security systems leads today
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