Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Insurance Lead Become Customers When They get a Free Consultation

All consultations should be free.  Some insurance agents fail to recognize the value in this, thinking that they are loosing money when they don't charge for a consultation.  The truth of the matter is quite contrary.  It seems obvious most insurance leads don't become customers without at least out hearing what it is exactly that they are being offered. They are ultimately interesting in knowing\what it is that makes the company contacting them different or special from the others and how will these benefits directly effect them. A free consultation demonstrates what is on the table, and why they want to get it from them. Click Here to read more

Not Contacting Insurance Leads Immediately Will Cost You Sales

An insurance sales agent get a fresh new insurance lead but does not call the person immediately.  Instead they dilly dally around or take a break or maybe engage in a conversation over by the water cooler thinking it is OK to just call the lead later. By the time the lead is contacted it is probably too late. This is simply a waste and many experienced agents would say its crazy to sit on any insurance leads.  By not contacting leads when the are hot the sale is almost always simply handed to  another insurance agent. Click Here to read more

Turn Insurance Leads into Insurance Customers with More Variety in Insurance Products

All insurance leads are actually potential customers, potential customers that want variety. The reality of the situation is that if there is a lack of insurance product for people to choose from than they are more likely not to find exactly what they are looking for or better yet, simply need.  Its pretty easy not to make this mistake. Simply offer a wider range of insurance products than the next guy. Many times an insurances agents needs to get extra licenses so that they can sell different types of insurance services, an investment worth making. Click Here to read more

Insurance Leads Don't Become Customers When Sales Agents are Too Aggressive

Most insurance sales agents are use to contacting a very  indecisive insurance lead.  They just don't seem to want to relax and go with the flow. On top of that there are always lots of pressures to close deal. The last thing a potential client wants is an insurance agent that is overly aggressive and the last thing an insurance agent wants is to loose a sale.  The easiest way to ensure that a client is pushed away is by placing too much pressure on them and there decision making process. Click Here to read more

Win Over Insurance Leads By Listening Rather than Talking

Everyone knows that a typical insurance sales agents talks a lot, probably too much, even when there not selling anything. When a fresh new insurance lead takes a phone call and starts a dialogue they are usually easily overwhelmed by an aggressive sales agent going on and on about a plethora of insurance facts. A potential customer like to feel as if they are in control, not controlled. This is where listening skills prove helpful and profitable by using them to listen to what the customers wants and needs. This lets the sales agent have a later opportunity to ask more pertinent and effective questions. Click Here to read more

May Insurance Leads are Lost to Not Knowing Enough About the Products

A newly contacted insurance lead is not interested in hearing from an insurance sales agent  “I'll have to double check that and get back to you” or “ Hmmm I'm not sure about that one”.  The potential clients needs to be confident that the agent selling them insurance is the smartest person on the topic. One would be very silly to do business with a person who doesn't seem to know about what they are selling.  Click Here to read more

Arguing with Your Insurance Leads Wont Win You Any New Customers Customer

Often times an insurance lead just will not adhere to a certain point of view.  Debating this point more is probably not the best way to win over a new customer. A more effective solution is to enquirer as to why a customer continues to maintain that point of view. More often than not this is a great opportunity to learn something. Click Here to read more

Ever meet someone who was pumped about a phone conversation that starts off with  “Hello, would you like to buy something from me”.  The answer is probably no.  A qualified insurance lead that is expecting a call usually doesn't want to even here that.  A lot of times an insurance agent try's to counterbalance for the fact that the soul purpose for the conversation is to try and sell something often times attempting to get chummy with the customer. This can be perceived as not being professional. One should be friendly while continuing down a path of respect and professionalism.  Click here to read more

Not Being Repaired is a Waste on an Insurance Lead

It is usually a good idea to be well prepared. The insurance leads sales agents are contacting are looking for an insurance agent they can  trust. As a general rule of thumb one should try to gather a good amount of info about a customer, ultimately discovering what will benefit them the most. More than just knowing a lot about a potential customer an insurance agent should know just about everything there is to know in regards to the company they are working for. Click here to read more

When Contacting an Insurance Lead Make sure Not to Overstay Your Welcome

Remember that most people probably have better things to do than chatting about insurance. If you have just contacted a new insurance lead remember that more often than not is is smart to try and work around there schedule. This can be achieved by offering to set appointments for more business like meetings. If an appointment is set it must be honored with the scheduled follow up. In the end this makes the customer feel as if they are in the drivers seat. Click here to read more

Friday, June 1, 2012

Leads2Results Social Media Summer Sales

For over a decade now Leads2Results has been a premier provider of internet generated leads for , and now they would like to make there awsome marketing tool even more available and more affordable. From now untill the end of the summer Leads2Results will be running there Social Media Summer Sales Specials. Brian Cattelle, director of social media says "I'm really excited for this sale, I think it will really give us a chance to connect and work with professionals who don't know about our services. Social media is a great way to connect and I know there are people logged in right now who could really use some of our leads." A Leads2Results spokes person further explained "We will be holding these specials sales every Friday untill September 22nd, which is the official end of summer. Durring this time we will post a new sale on our twitter , facebook, linkedin, and google + pages. From there all the customer has to do is call us at 1-800-486-8616 and metion to the sales representative where they saw the sale, and it will be honored." Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results said “The sales will very week to week, so it's important to stay tuned. One week we may have a special on helth insurance leads, while the next week we might feature SEO leads. It all depends on whats hot and whats not". Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales states "We all know that it can be difficult to connect with new clients. Business and insurance leads offer a solution that many other marketing techneques simply can not, a direct connection with new perspective clients. A company like ours does all of the heavy lifting, finding the clients, gathering there info, verifying there interest and presenting it to our clients in a compleate package." Leads2Results offers a wide range of leads and products. The have over 30 business leads catagoties and 20 insurance types. The also have a number of variouse consumer leads, mortgage leads, and cusome leads depending on a clients specific needs. Most of there leads are available in real time, aged, email varified or as live transfers. For more information on all of there leads visit leads2results or call 1-800-486-8616