Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Overcome Payroll Industry Challenges

It can be very difficult to operate as an efficient payroll company with government regulations created by people who don't even understand the industry they are regulating.

We at Leads2Results understand this and we are here to help you.  Most of these rules deal with how payroll companies go about reporting and the formats of media they are allowed to use.  Some rules include the use of electronic filing or electronic payments, requiring companies to acquire the software needed to do so.  Even more frustrating is that in some states require the use of very specific technologies which in its creation, was designed individual employers and is largely ineffective for mass filing.  The payroll industry also runs in to troubles when in comes to authorization requirements. For example, motorization and power of attorney requirements that differ from state to state, and the use of electronic technologies.

Leads2Results offers payroll leads, to help you find new customers.  Were we can really help in regards to the issues above is that you can set specifics on the leads you receive.  So if your payroll company does not currently comply with a specific states regulations, we will find you customers in the states that work for you.  Our payroll leads can have any number of filters set to them, including specific states, the size of the business looking for the service, and more.  See for your self with one of our sample leads.

Check us out at www.leads2results.com and look though our site or go to our payroll leads page and sign up for an account for free.

If you have any questions or just want to hear a friendly voice, call one of our leads specials at 1-800-486-8616 They look forward to help you out.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Close Close Close on Life Insurance Sales

Last week Leads2Results presented 5 tips on how to increase life insurance sales. This week the conversation continues with Close, Close, Close!

Close Close Close!  Easier said than done right?  If you take these few simple suggestions and couple them with Leads2Results life insurance leads, this statement suddenly does not seem so far fetched.

There are a number of obstacles to overcome in life insurance sales.  Time is one of those obstacles.  Once you have managed to get the person your engaged with ready to make a deal, time is of the utmost importance, and the goal is to get the deal in writing, so anything between yes and there signature need to be eliminated.

Creating a scene of urgency can help commit an unsure customer.  Offer them something a little extra on there life insurance policy, but illustrate the importance of taking immediate action in order to get it.

A little bluff never hurt anyone, and you can assume that most of your potential clients think the same.  Sometimes in order to get you customers attention you really have to make the opportunity personal, and point out the fact that if they do not take the deal now, it will have to go to someone else instead.  This creates an increased scene of demand.

Headline news in regards to your life insurance services always commands attention, so why not make some to get your customers attention locked in.  This can be in the form of a press release of a new product, or a local news articles thus generating a buzz.  Testimonials are always a great go to. Direct your potential customers to your past customers experience for more credibility.

With the help of  Leads2Results Life Insurance Leads your bound for success.

So check us out at www.leads2results.com.  We now have live transfer leads, as well as our real time internet generated life insurance leads and aged leads.

Any questions or comments, just give one of our very friendly leads specialist a call at 1-800-486-8616

Friday, January 27, 2012

Elevate sales by setting more appointments

Yesterday Leads2Results presented 5 tips on how to increase life insurance sales. To day we will further elaborate on the first tip provided, Set lots of appointment!

It is understood that this is easier said than done, but on the same note it's importance is stressed.  Really, this whole sales game is one of numbers.  The more people you reach out to the more people you are going to find that are interested in your specific life insurance package.  Leads2Results can help with increasing the number of people reached.  Aged  life insurance leads are available at a reduced rate. Aged leads come from the same source of qualified leads, they are simply unused, from one day old to a few months.  This means you can increase your reach while saving money.

There are other techniques some suggest as a course of action for finding new customers and setting more appointments.  There is direct mail.  The problem with direct mail is it tends to be outdated.  Why pay for increasing printing and shipping cost when most companies do there marketing on line.

The next suggestion is to utilize online advertising.  Leads2Results does all of its marketing on line and are experts at it.  In fact Leads2Results has already done all of the life insurance marketing for you.  Customers find the landing site, www.alloptions.com, when they actively search for life insurance quotes.

Word of mouth and or referrals is another suggestion.  Often time no one has control over this beyond an existing customers experience and motivation to pass that experience along to there acquaintances.  Increasing customers service will help referrals, but it is not wise to rely on it as the only resource for generating new potential clients.

Then there is cold calling.  We at Leads2Results disagree with this technique, Langley ineffective, the effort exerted is more expensive than relying on aged leads, which are warm leads, provided at a very reasonable rate.  There are also real-time internet generated life insurance leads which are designed to hit your target directly so no time is wasted.

What ever route you decide to take Leads2Results is eager to help.  Check out our life insurance leads at www.leads2results.com.  In fact take a look at a sample lead .
Any questions feel free to contact on of our very friendly leads specialist at 1-800-486-8616

Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Tips To Elevating Life Insurance Sales

Leads2Results Top Five tips to increasing Life Insurance Sales Sucess.

1: Setting lots of appointments can not be stressed enough.  Most sales people would suggest that, when it boils down to it, this whole thing is really a numbers game, so the more people you sit down with, the more likely you are to land as a new insurance customer.  So how do people go about setting all these appointments, and where are they suppose to come form?  Some suggestions include, direct mail, online advertising, word of mouth and cold calling.  Leads2Results suggests utilizing real time internet generated life insurance leads. Save the time and hassle of cold calling and get in touch with people who are actually shopping for life insurance that very moment. 

2: Close Close Close.  Yes this is often easier said than done.  But it takes practice and one must hone there skills, namely in there presentation.  At this stage it's important to be self critical and to listen to the suggestions of those with more experience. The more one sounds like an expert the better off they are.  But canalizing techniques can go wasted on people who are not interested in life insurance in the first place.  Leads2Results gives you a good head start with the qualified life insurance leads.

3: Go big or go home!  The bigger, more expensive the policy is, the more there is to be made.  When approaching customers in this way it is important to point out the cost-effectiveness of choosing such a route, so Leads2Results suggest becoming an expert in this matter.  It is also possible to set filters on life insurance leads, insuring that contact is only made to those who qualify for large, more expensive policy’s.

4: Find a nitch market and become an expert, and when that level has been achieved go even further.  Often time life insurance agents hang them self’s out there with too broad a market and just get mixed in with the thousands of other agents.  When a level of expertise is achieved in a nitch market that person becomes the one to go to.  This make people more likely to seek that life insurance agent out.  Examine the possible nitch markets and go for them.  Leads2Results can also help with what ever specific leads you may need in this aria.  There life insurance leads can have specific filter set to target specific nitch market.

5: Go to www.leads2results.com and sign up for an account.  In fact go directly to there life insurance leads page to see exactly what they have to offer and how it can help  improve life insurance sales.  Check out a sample lead, or even see what they have to offer in the aged leads department.  There are so many choices so leads experts are always available by calling toll free 1-800-486-8616

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Things Health Insurance Consumers Want

The following information is based on a 2012 Health Research Institutes results from the polling of 1,000 us healthcare consumers

1:  Over half of the consumers seem to prefer a higher cost of unproven treatments and would rather have cheaper cost for treatments that have been proven effective.

2:  75% of people surveyed wanted a provider that could include a lot of different health related services.

3:  There is also a strong belief that if health care providers and insurance company’s were to merge, cost would decrease as quality increased.

4:  More that half of the people involved in the survey where willing to free up the communication between there healthcare organizations if it would help bring better services to them.

5:  They also found that health care is currently among the 3rd most if not the first most important topic in the up and coming election.

6:  A little under half of those surveyed admitted healthcare cost where to expensive to keep up with causing them to defer there care.

7:  Over half of the survey respondents agreed that research in the pharmaceutical and biochemical field was very important to a growing economy.

8:  Over half also thought it wise to have clinical trials take place in the US reguardless of extended approval times.

9:  1/3rd of the consumers found in unfavorable that some companies did not partake in its states health insurance exchange.

10: And lastly but not least almost 1/3rd of people surveys said they had used some form of social media to find out about healthcare and there healthcare needs.

We at Leads2Results hope you found this information useful. If used as a starting point we believe this information can help you with your health insurance sales. Coupled with Leads2Results top of the line health insurance leads, you chances for making sales increases even more.

The road ahead for the health insurance sales industry in not said to be smooth by any means, but Leads2Results hopes to make it as smooth as possible.

Check out our health insurance leads

Explore our website and get a free account at www.leads2results.com

or just call on of our friendly leads specialist at 1-800-486-8616

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Setting your Life Insurance Company apart from the others

To your average consumer, life insurance is simply a legally binging contract held between them and an insurance company. They understand that the insurer is making a guarantee to pay a per-determined amount of money when they die. It is also understood that some contracts are drawn as to include payment in the event of critical or terminal illnesses. And most people shopping for life insurance assume there policy can be ether be made in payments or one lump sum.

Most people want to a have life insurance policy so they can avoid placing a financial burden on there family on there passing. Although most don't favor the idea of death they find security in the fact that in there passing they will not leave there survived with any financial hardship, and maybe even leave them with some extra.

So what stets one life insurance company and it's polices apart from one another. Well in most cases there policy’s are quite similar so essentially the product is as well. This makes traditional advertising more difficult and suggest the need for a more straight forward and aggressive approach. One such approach is cold calling, but this is often a wast of time and money. A better solution is to turn to real time internet generated leads like the ones produced by Leads2Results.
Leads2Results can provide Life insurance companies with the very best life insurance leads. The leads are qualified when a potential customer fills out a unique online applications. This information includes there contact info and specific details of what they are looking for in a life insurance policy. In fact go ahead and check out a lifeinsurance sample lead. The only way the reach the application is by actively searching the internet for life insurance, and then taking the time to fill out the application. So you can be assured the lifeinsurance leads are not coming from the standard bait and switch routine which is all too familiar in this market.

Well even hook you up with a free account to get you started at www.leads2results.com

If you prefer give one of the friendly Leads2Results Life InsuranceLeads Experts a call

Monday, January 23, 2012

Health Insurance Sales Industry Concerns 2012

A lot has changed over 2011.  In fact a popular projection one year ago was that the health insurance industry would have made changes that were in compliance with the PPACA or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Some company’s have but the jury is still out on final rules and regulations which makes solidifying these changes difficult.  The delay is in part due to a constitutional challenge that is waiting a verdict by the Supreme Court, probably sometime this year.  In addition congress has organized a super committee that is responsible for investigating issues mainly pertaining to the economics of the healthcare industry, which in the end, could have large impacts on the industry.

Contrary to popular beliefs, many companies are finding the health insurance industry is not immune to market changes.  This is forcing many to rethink there sales strategies.  Some companies are joining forces, while others are seeing were they can change, adapt and evolve on there own.

What ever the case may be, this environment can certainly causes much anxiety for sales.  But Leads2Results can relieve some of the pressure.  We have health insurance leads available now, at great rates.  So no matter what the health care industry is doing you can rest assure you will be getting new customers.

To see how we can help visit our website at www.leads2results.com

Or drop us a line at 1-800-486-8616

Friday, January 20, 2012

Adapting To The Changing Heath Care Insurance Sales Environment

The health care industry as a whole has been going though lots of changes, many of which are still unknown. To stay a head of the game may be a struggle in it self. Many of these changes are due to an ever changing and indecisive political environment. Back in March of 2010 the President of the United States signed a new law called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. No longer could health insurance companies put annual or lifetime limits on the amount of coverage available. This, in turn, caused an increase on the amount of claims paid out.

On top of this, insurance providers will have to spend 85% of large employer premiums and 80% of individual plans on healthcare services and general improvements. If they fail to do so rebates must be issued. This ultimately dampers the amount of expected cash flow, throwing many health care insurance company’s for a loop.

Although seemingly depressing news for the industry there is actually good news, that we have already begun to see its effects. In fact due to the increased accessibility of healthcare plans, the number of policy holders is projected to increase by more than 20 million in the next several years.

So what does all this mean for health insurance sales. Well it would indicate that although regulations are making it more difficult to earl large profits, more people will be looking for insurance. And in order to make up for lost profits, more customers need to sign up for your healthcare services.

This is where Leads2Results can be of great service to you! Leads2Results offers the very best solutions in health care sales with its quality health insurance leads. Your going to need a leg up on your competition. And trust us, there will be lots of competition with projected increase in sales. Leads2Results is a sure way for you to get some of those 20 million new insurers to be insured by your company. So check out Leads2Results and there health insurance leads today!

Visit www.leads2Results.com and sign up for your free account,

or give on of our very friendly lead experts a call at 1-800-486-8616

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leads2Results - Life Insurance Leads

Leads2Results is your #1 source for life insurance leads.  How can we make such a bold claim?  Because we know exactly were are leads are coming from and how they are being generated.  Unlike most other lead generation companies, Leads2Results generates its own real-time leads on its own popular websites.  When people search the internernet for life insurance, they reach one of the special Leads2Results landing pages.  There they are asked to answer some questions specific to there life insuance needs.  This is how one of our life insurance leads are generated.  As soon as they are done fully answering all the questions, the information is sent to you, where you want it.  Now you are equipped with specific contact information on your potential client.  What more could you ask for?  If you are asking for more, no problem, we also provide various filter options so the type of life insurance customers can be narrowed down to your exact needs.  If keeping cost low is your main priority we can help you out there too.  Leads2Results has fantastic aged leads.  Our aged life insurance leads are the same great quality as our real-time life insurance leads, just that they where never sold, rather saved, and waiting for you!  So what are you waiting for.  Lets start working together so you can increase you profits and bring your sales to a higher level.

Visit our website at www.leads2results.com and sign up for you free account today

or just give us a call at 1-800-486-8616

Monday, January 16, 2012

Leads2Results Health Insurance Leads

If your a health insurance agent your chase for great health insurance leads ends here and now! Leads2Results is the ultimate in proving the very best Health Insurance Leads. 

Our heath insurance leads come straight from the source, the source being self inclined seekers looking for health insurance services. 

Visitor to our website simply complete our unique online application. 

When they are done the information becomes a lead, that lead is instantly routed  to the email address of your choosing. You are in control virtually instantly allowing you to harness the power of our real time leads. 

Health Insurance leads can also purchased in bulk at a lowered rate from our aged leads database. 

Check out Leads2Results health insurance leads 
View Leads2Results sample health insurance lead
and see Leads2Results aged health insurance leads options

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Leads2Results Factoring

Serious lenders your search is over because your now in contact with Leads2Results.  What can we do for you? Well to start we offer the very best in factoring leads. What makes our factoring leads so great?  For starters they come straight from the horses mouth, or better yet self driven applicants.

Our process is actually quite simple.  Your future clients complete our unique online application.

When completed application gets submitted, we redirect  it to where ever you would like to receive the information. And just like that, vuwalla!  Your in control.

You can also buy factoring leads from the Leads2Results aged leads database.

Visit our website tocheck out our factoring sample lead and sign up for your Free Account!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Leads2Results Equipment Leasing

Leads2Results is the ultimate Equipment Leasing Leads provider.  The main reason is because they are generated  by and only by interested companies in search of available leasing providers.

Only highest quality come from our lead generation process, equipment leasing leads that come from  businesses filling out information based on self motivation with the idea in mind that someone will be contacting them about equipment leasing very soon.

First we have your future clients complete out our special online form.

Then, when they submit the information regarding there equipment leasing inquiry, it is routed right to your email address.  Right then and there it is your opportunity to take action and make that deal!

Our equipment leasing leads can also be obtained by signing up for our aged leads, which are of the same superior quality as our real time leads, they just didn't get used and where saved.  The only real difference is that they are much cheaper.

Go to our website at Leads2Results to view one of our equipment leasing sample leads and Create a Free Account Today.

Leads2Results Payroll Leads

Leads2Results has Payroll Leads, not just any payroll leads, but the best payroll leads out there.

Lets break it down for you  Our Payroll Leads come only from interested companies in search of payroll processing.  We have been around for 12 years, that's 12 years of learning how to attract and capture your clients.  Imagine if you where walking down the street and the people with payroll processing on there mind had a little bubble over them that you could only see.  Take that example, apply it to the web and you have Leads2Results in a nutshell.  Basically to reach us they need to specifically search for "Payroll Processing".  When they do we prompt them to fill out a form gathering there information on the spot.  Right when they are done filling it out, you get it. That's why we call them real time leads, because you get them in real time, no delays what so ever.  View one of our sample payroll leads and Create a Free Account at Leads2Results Today.  It might be the best marketing move you ever made ; )

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

leads2results Insurance Leads

We, at Leads2Results, are paramount in the internet lead generation industry in that the quality of our health insurance leads is unrivaled. The only thing better is if your customer calls you directly.  When they don't we find them for you.  At this moment in time we are featuring our real-time Insurance leads.  These leads are generated by us and us alone, meaning we don't use solicitation of any kind to generate out leads. They come to us and sign up for the insurance type they want to receive so that all of our leads come from qualified ready-to-purchase customers.  We ask them fill out a form which, on full completion, get sent directly to you.  We might as well throw them in your lap and say "here you, found this guy looking for Insurance, it think you can help him". 

If your at all skeptical leads2results is like an open book, just check out a sample lead and see for your self
For More Information Call 1-800-486-8616

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leads2Results Mortgage Leads

 only provides the highest quality, real-time Mortgage leads generated by our strict targeting process.

At Leads2Results our Mortgage Leads are generated from ready-to-buy, qualified customers, made available to you in Real Time!

We have have New Purchase Mortgage leads for customers specifically interested in making a New Purchase. We have these available for consumers and for commercial interest alike.

Leads2Results has Mortgage Refinance Leads available now. These leads come directly from customers specifically interested in Refinancing there Mortgage. The very second we generate the lead it is sent directly to you.

At Leads2Results we also have other Mortgage Leads available including Debt Consolidation, Line of Credit, and Home Equity Loans. Get fresh new leads in real time starting today!

For More Information Call 1-800-486-8616

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