Monday, January 30, 2012

Close Close Close on Life Insurance Sales

Last week Leads2Results presented 5 tips on how to increase life insurance sales. This week the conversation continues with Close, Close, Close!

Close Close Close!  Easier said than done right?  If you take these few simple suggestions and couple them with Leads2Results life insurance leads, this statement suddenly does not seem so far fetched.

There are a number of obstacles to overcome in life insurance sales.  Time is one of those obstacles.  Once you have managed to get the person your engaged with ready to make a deal, time is of the utmost importance, and the goal is to get the deal in writing, so anything between yes and there signature need to be eliminated.

Creating a scene of urgency can help commit an unsure customer.  Offer them something a little extra on there life insurance policy, but illustrate the importance of taking immediate action in order to get it.

A little bluff never hurt anyone, and you can assume that most of your potential clients think the same.  Sometimes in order to get you customers attention you really have to make the opportunity personal, and point out the fact that if they do not take the deal now, it will have to go to someone else instead.  This creates an increased scene of demand.

Headline news in regards to your life insurance services always commands attention, so why not make some to get your customers attention locked in.  This can be in the form of a press release of a new product, or a local news articles thus generating a buzz.  Testimonials are always a great go to. Direct your potential customers to your past customers experience for more credibility.

With the help of  Leads2Results Life Insurance Leads your bound for success.

So check us out at  We now have live transfer leads, as well as our real time internet generated life insurance leads and aged leads.

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