Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Tips To Elevating Life Insurance Sales

Leads2Results Top Five tips to increasing Life Insurance Sales Sucess.

1: Setting lots of appointments can not be stressed enough.  Most sales people would suggest that, when it boils down to it, this whole thing is really a numbers game, so the more people you sit down with, the more likely you are to land as a new insurance customer.  So how do people go about setting all these appointments, and where are they suppose to come form?  Some suggestions include, direct mail, online advertising, word of mouth and cold calling.  Leads2Results suggests utilizing real time internet generated life insurance leads. Save the time and hassle of cold calling and get in touch with people who are actually shopping for life insurance that very moment. 

2: Close Close Close.  Yes this is often easier said than done.  But it takes practice and one must hone there skills, namely in there presentation.  At this stage it's important to be self critical and to listen to the suggestions of those with more experience. The more one sounds like an expert the better off they are.  But canalizing techniques can go wasted on people who are not interested in life insurance in the first place.  Leads2Results gives you a good head start with the qualified life insurance leads.

3: Go big or go home!  The bigger, more expensive the policy is, the more there is to be made.  When approaching customers in this way it is important to point out the cost-effectiveness of choosing such a route, so Leads2Results suggest becoming an expert in this matter.  It is also possible to set filters on life insurance leads, insuring that contact is only made to those who qualify for large, more expensive policy’s.

4: Find a nitch market and become an expert, and when that level has been achieved go even further.  Often time life insurance agents hang them self’s out there with too broad a market and just get mixed in with the thousands of other agents.  When a level of expertise is achieved in a nitch market that person becomes the one to go to.  This make people more likely to seek that life insurance agent out.  Examine the possible nitch markets and go for them.  Leads2Results can also help with what ever specific leads you may need in this aria.  There life insurance leads can have specific filter set to target specific nitch market.

5: Go to and sign up for an account.  In fact go directly to there life insurance leads page to see exactly what they have to offer and how it can help  improve life insurance sales.  Check out a sample lead, or even see what they have to offer in the aged leads department.  There are so many choices so leads experts are always available by calling toll free 1-800-486-8616

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