Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Things Health Insurance Consumers Want

The following information is based on a 2012 Health Research Institutes results from the polling of 1,000 us healthcare consumers

1:  Over half of the consumers seem to prefer a higher cost of unproven treatments and would rather have cheaper cost for treatments that have been proven effective.

2:  75% of people surveyed wanted a provider that could include a lot of different health related services.

3:  There is also a strong belief that if health care providers and insurance company’s were to merge, cost would decrease as quality increased.

4:  More that half of the people involved in the survey where willing to free up the communication between there healthcare organizations if it would help bring better services to them.

5:  They also found that health care is currently among the 3rd most if not the first most important topic in the up and coming election.

6:  A little under half of those surveyed admitted healthcare cost where to expensive to keep up with causing them to defer there care.

7:  Over half of the survey respondents agreed that research in the pharmaceutical and biochemical field was very important to a growing economy.

8:  Over half also thought it wise to have clinical trials take place in the US reguardless of extended approval times.

9:  1/3rd of the consumers found in unfavorable that some companies did not partake in its states health insurance exchange.

10: And lastly but not least almost 1/3rd of people surveys said they had used some form of social media to find out about healthcare and there healthcare needs.

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  1. I think this is a very great, succinct list. These are 10 things that I want in my health insurance.