Friday, January 27, 2012

Elevate sales by setting more appointments

Yesterday Leads2Results presented 5 tips on how to increase life insurance sales. To day we will further elaborate on the first tip provided, Set lots of appointment!

It is understood that this is easier said than done, but on the same note it's importance is stressed.  Really, this whole sales game is one of numbers.  The more people you reach out to the more people you are going to find that are interested in your specific life insurance package.  Leads2Results can help with increasing the number of people reached.  Aged  life insurance leads are available at a reduced rate. Aged leads come from the same source of qualified leads, they are simply unused, from one day old to a few months.  This means you can increase your reach while saving money.

There are other techniques some suggest as a course of action for finding new customers and setting more appointments.  There is direct mail.  The problem with direct mail is it tends to be outdated.  Why pay for increasing printing and shipping cost when most companies do there marketing on line.

The next suggestion is to utilize online advertising.  Leads2Results does all of its marketing on line and are experts at it.  In fact Leads2Results has already done all of the life insurance marketing for you.  Customers find the landing site,, when they actively search for life insurance quotes.

Word of mouth and or referrals is another suggestion.  Often time no one has control over this beyond an existing customers experience and motivation to pass that experience along to there acquaintances.  Increasing customers service will help referrals, but it is not wise to rely on it as the only resource for generating new potential clients.

Then there is cold calling.  We at Leads2Results disagree with this technique, Langley ineffective, the effort exerted is more expensive than relying on aged leads, which are warm leads, provided at a very reasonable rate.  There are also real-time internet generated life insurance leads which are designed to hit your target directly so no time is wasted.

What ever route you decide to take Leads2Results is eager to help.  Check out our life insurance leads at  In fact take a look at a sample lead .
Any questions feel free to contact on of our very friendly leads specialist at 1-800-486-8616

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