Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Insurance Sales and Low Interest Rates

Most can agree the recent rules set in place by the FOMC have made it difficult to maintain a sense of stability in the world of life insurance.  As never done before in the summer of 2011, the Federal Open Market Committee locked in low interest rates until 2013. On top of that later in 2011 a plan was set in action to further lower interest rates as part of the stimulus plan.  This has made it difficult to properly spread funds compiled from policies already in existence with the new, lower interest rate policies coming in.  The obvious solution is to increase sales but due to poor credit ratings less people qualify for the lowered interest rates.

Leads2Results can help, with our life insurance leads it is possible to filer out interested customers with poor credit ratings, so you are only contacting prospective life insurance policy holders that meet the requirements set forth.

It is predicted that interest rates will remain low at least until the end of 2013. That being said, it is important for insurance companies and sales teams to be prepared for a quick change in increasing interest there after.  With increased interest rates, some policy holders my let there policies laps in order to shop for new ones that better cater to there current credit situation.

Leads2Results can help any sales department with these changes as well.  With there life insurance leads, filters can be added, subtracted and changed when needed so that only potential customers that meet the requirements for the services you offer are contact.

There are some other changes that will come with the increase in interest rates, and they can be quite complicated to understand.  It is suggested that insurance agency’s get to understand how changes in the economy as a whole will effect individuals policy’s and how those effects will in turn, effect life insurance sales. Investments in this type of research could prove to be extremely beneficial.

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