Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elevating life insurance sales tip #3

Go big or go home!  The bigger, more expensive the policy is, the more there is to be made.  And Leads2Results can find these customers for you.  When approaching customers in this way it is important to point out the cost-effectiveness of choosing such a route, so it is suggest that you become an expert in this matter. If you are suggesting to a potential customer that it is  wiser for them to choose a more expensive life insurance policy you better have the confidence and evidence to back that up.  With out it you may loos the sale, but with it you might make a sale that would otherwise be mediocre.  We make it possible to set filters on life insurance leads, insuring that contact is only made to those who qualify for large, more expensive policy’s.

See how our life insurance leads can find you the customers you are looking for.  We have Live Transfer Leads, internet generated real time leads, and aged life insurance leads, all available now.  Sign up for a free account today at  or call on of our life insurance leads specialist at 1-800-486-8616

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