Friday, April 20, 2012

Leads2Results announces it's new SEO (search engine optimization) leads.

Leads2Results is introducing its new  SEO leads.  The demand for SEO has never been greater.  With the emergence of new search engines, social media sites, blogs and more self publication has never been easer.  Those who do business on the internet know how important it is to keep there search engine rankings high.  In fact, it is almost a necessity.  With millions of web pages come thousands of SEO companies.  Many find an edge over the competition by utilizing SEO leads, leads that connect them with clients looking for SEO services.
A Leads2Results spokesperson explains.  “There has been an increase in customers interested in SEO services.  They are generally looking to develop better recognition on major internet search engines ultimately looking to achieve the highest rankings.  With that being said customers are looking for an experts on how a search engine functions, and how to best utilize this tool to benefit there company.”
It is no wonder the demand for SEO services is up.  A recent survey clearly showed an increase in  confidence and  recognition of online reviews.  About 72% of consumers polled in this survey had mentioned that they where as comfortable with online reviews as they where personal recommendations.  To further reinforce the necessity of for SEO, 52% of survey takers thought that a good online review increased there chances of using a particular business over another.
A Leads2Results spokesperson explains how the leads are generated.  “SOE leads are generated by driving search engine traffic to a professional web site where interested customers request a quote on SEO services. These are self-motivated prospects.  They are only drawn to our web site through key word searches, organic clicks, and sponsor ads found on the major search engines. Interested SEO customers submit their information.  Then this information is sent directly to you, in real time”.
Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results explains “The process seems like a simple one, but it is very time consuming and demanding.  Many SEO company's try to save money by attempting to generate there own leads using similar methods, only to find out that they do not have the same 10 plus years experience we have, and they just end up spinning there wheels, wasting time and money.
Leads2Results has developed it's lead generation system through the creative efforts of it's owner, and there innovative web development team, lead by Jay Assis.  Assis proclaims in the following statement “We are constantly exploring new ways to make our product even better, and I am proud to be apart of that.“
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