Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Leads From Leads2Results

Leads2Results, a premier provider of internet generated leads, wants to make there powerful marketing tool more available and more affordable. From today until summer end Leads2Results is offering there Social Media Summer Sales Specials.  Some of these specials even offer Free Leads, which in some circles is unheard of. 

Brian Cattelle, social media director states that "I'm pumped about running this sale.  I'm convinced it will get us linked up with other professionals who unaware of our services. Social media is an awesome way for professionals to meet and I'm sure there are others logged in right now who could really use some of our leads and discounts." 

A Leads2Results spokes person added "We will be holding these specials sales every Friday untill September 22nd. Durring this time we will post a new sale on outwitter , facebooklinkedin, and google + pages. From there all the customer has to do is call us at 1-800-486-8616 and metion to the sales representative where they saw the sale, and it will be honored." 

So what is this weeks?  
Get $250 Worth of Free Leads and a $10 Discount on Each Individual Lead.
With this special you will get $250 worth of free leads to get you started. And to continue to keep your cost low we will also give you a $10 discount on the cost of each individual lead. Simply make a $2000 deposit & with auto-renew to take advantage of this special.

Leads2Results offers a wide range of leads and products. The have over 30 business leads catagoties and 20 insurance types. The also have a number of variouse consumer leads, mortgage leads, and cusome leads depending on a clients specific needs. Most of there leads are available in real time, aged, email varified or as live transfers. For more information on all of there leads visit leads2results or call 1-800-486-8616

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