Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A brief outlook of the Equipment Leasing Industry for 2012 Part 1

Our first observations in equipment leasing news is that there is positive growth in overall investments. This is a relief as all have been effected by the trying economy. It has been especially noted that there seems to be a peaked interest in investing and leasing in equipment and software. In fact this growth has been seen over the past 8 consecutive quarters. This growth is expected to have some slight fluctuations but will be possessive overall.

There are a number of trends occurring in the investment and leasing of equipment that is worth noting. It is expected that agricultural equipment will slow down for the next half a year. Also Equipment related to computer and software will slow down slightly but will stay strong overall. Analyst seem to have seen a recent peak in the growth of industrial equipment which leads them the believe that it is also due for a slowdown. Construction equipment will also slow down a bit but is expected to rebound even grow towards the end of 2012 due to changes in the energy and housing sectors. Medical equipment is expected to level off but also it may reach its lowest level towards the end of 2012. Lastly we look at transportation equipment. It is expected that the quick growth observed in 2011 will not remain as such rather remain steady in a positive direction.

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