Friday, March 2, 2012

How the Affordable Care Act of America is changing Health Insurance Sales

There are new laws and regulations going into affect as we speak in regards to health care and the health insurance industry. Many of them the topic of much debate.

So far the results for individuals are positive.  According to Kathleen Sebelius the Secretary of Health and Human Services, 2 ½ million young Americans now have health insurance that did not have it before.  For Health insurance sales that means 2 ½ new customers.  Furthermore thousands of Americans in life saving situations because the are in what is considered high risk pools.  They could not get insurance under any circumstances but now do.

It is expected that all the new health care regulation policies will be in full swing by 2014 and things may get a little more difficult for health insurance companies during this time of transitions.

Of some of the difficulties a benchmark for what  insurance plans will need to include will be set by  the Secretary of Health and Human Services as well as the individual states.

Congress will state in the law  that an  essential health plan has to meet  ten categorical requirements.  of them, all coverage will have to be comprehensive.  They will also need to include maternity care, mental health and prescription drugs.

A state based exchange should include these 10 criteria, and use a plan of there choosing to move it forward, because the flexibility should be at the state level.  The Secretary of Health and Human Services recognizes that different markets require different actions, and the individual states know them best.  Futher more, with in the frameworks set , the Secretary of Health and Human Services will place insurance oversight and consumer protections committees  for each state.

Another major rule is what is know as the AD20 rule which states every plan has to spend 80% of all money collected on health benefits. In fact insurance company’s will need to send money back to consumers that has not been spent on 80%.

So there are lots of new ground rules for insurance companies.  Much of what is written with in this article seems pretty depressing to those involved in insurance sales.  We at Leads2Resutls have a solution.  We have heath insurance leads at your disposal.

There are over 50 million Americans who do not have health insurance.  Making insurance a requirement for every American, and making it easier for them to access means there are over 50 million policies out there.  Using the high quality health insurance leads generated by Leads2Results helps ensure the capture of there business.

There is even discussions about employers having to provide coverage or give a portion to, which open even more doors to more policies.

It is suggested that there is a new market place, competition and choice, that helps everybody, giving them choices and bringing costs down. But it will be more important to have a shift in the system from a sick system to a wellness system.  Investing in prevention and wellness is a must.  If this can be accomplished then the cost of health care will drop, across the boards.  This is not only beneficial for individuals but for the insurance company’s as well.

It is a complicated and difficult task because a very large part of our economy in tied up in health care. And people are very passionate about the topic because is conceivably the most personal service that people need. This is because it involves people, there kids and family’s.

Change is coming, in fact its a already in motion and we can begin to see the effects.  So stay ahead of your ever increasing completion with Leads2Results health insurance leads.

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