Friday, May 11, 2012

Boost insurance sales by staying high tech

As we are all aware a lot has changed since the modern day insurance industry became main stream in the early 19th century.  There have also been many companies that have come and gone during this time.  The ones that have remained where best equipped to change with the times, and those best equipped to change with the times where the ones that stayed in tune with the technologies of the times.  As technology advances exponentially the more difficult it can be to keep up, but the importance of staying high tech and ahead of your competition can not be stresses enough.

The Internet
As is the case in nearly all other industries the internet effected the insurance industry dramatically.  The effect can be seen in a number of ways.  This includes the way an insurance company communicates with existing and potential clients as well as how those existing and potential clients communicate with the insurance company’s.

The most obvious change that has come is the fact that insurance companies can have a store front available to anyone in the world via a web site.  In fact any modern day company should have a website of some sort.  What is important to remember is the fact that the website is a direct reflection of your insurance company, whether you are a large insurance agency or a small local and independent agent.  Your website has to look as nice as would your physical location.  You wouldn't run your business out of a run down rusty old camper would you?  No you wouldn't and you should think about your website the same way.  Beyond the appearance of your website it must be easy to use.  You only have a few seconds to capture a new customers attention, and keeping that attention can be equally difficult.  If they can not easily find what they are looking for they will move on.

Smart Phones
At one point in time many would have argued that communications between business and consumer would not get any more convenient than being able to log on to your computer at home.  This would not be a popular argument since the advent of smart phones.   Not only should your insurance company have a web site but that website should be optimized for viewing on mobile devices.  In addition to that your insurance company should be providing existing and future customers with a mobile phone application, specifically tailored to your insurance company, focusing on adding convenience for your customer.

Social Media
In recent years a new trend has emerged that has changed the face of marketing.  This is where we will give you another insurance sales tip.  The trend is social media and the need to be part of it has never been more demanding.  Social media is the easiest way for you to connect with existing and potential clients on a more intimate level.  Establishing a casual relationship can prove to be very helpful in making a new sale.  In addition to establish such a relationship you are also to learn more about your clients, what they want, need and like.

Insurance Leads
We can clearly see that there are a number of technological advances that make it easier to attract new customers, but how can you find new customers that are not finding you.  One way is to sign up to receive leads.  There are a number of companies selling insurance leads in many different forms.  There are real time internet generated insurance leads, aged insurance leads, live transfer insurance leads, and email verification insurance leads to name a few.  By utilizing insurance leads all of your on line marketing is basically done for you.  Really the lead generation company is doing all of the work and selling you the end product.  This, not only save you time, but also money and frustration.  And technology in the leads generation industry is advancing making it easy for you to get high quality leads at a reasonable price, and quicker than ever.

In conclusion it important to stay up to date with advancements in technology.  You need to because your customers and competition will.  And technology is advancing so quickly now that catching up can prove to be very difficult so its best to grow as it grows.  In the end this will keep you one step a head of the game and two steps ahead of your competition.

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