Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Multiple ways say in close contact with Leads2Results

Leads2Results is proud to announce it's expansion into the world of social media.  Leads2Results has been a premier provider of internet generated leads for over a decade.  Since the beginning there competition has increased, yet they remain an industry leader.  Making sure there customers stay up to date with there new products and services has been a key factor in this achievement.
A Leads2Results spokesperson had this to say “We want to make it as easy as possible for all of our customers to access new information related to the leads that concern them.  That's why we have expanded our network into the realm of social media.  The more places we are the easier it is to find us.

Leads2Results has expanded there services to be readily available on a number of the major social media networks.  They can be found on Live Journal, Tumblr, You tube, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Weebly to name a few.

Brian Cattelle, the Social Media Coordinator and Senior Web Designer added “I'm excited about the effort we have put into our social networking.  I think that the best is our You Tube channel.  It is here we are able to feature new videos outlining the benefits of new programs we are providing.  We even have a full length demo video that explains the whole process from beginning to end so that our customers, new and old, can get a clear understanding of exactly what it is we do, and how we do it”.
Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales states “ The Leads2Results demo video has been great!  Some people are visual learners, so this video has been great in communicating our message”.

In all Leads2Results is now featuring over 20 informative videos on there You tube channel.  Some of these video can also be found on the Leads2Results flicker page, photobucket page, and on dailymotion.
Leads2Results is also ofering there clients a more professional mode of contact via there Linkedin account.  There are many great features Linkedin provides for companies like leads2results.  Linkedin is a great forum for professionals to connect with one another, and for clients and potential clients to connect directly with Leads2Results.

Brian Cattelle states “ I love our new Linkedin profile page.  Hear people can connect with us directly so they always have the opportunity to give us feedback and see others feedback.  We have also created a few discussions which we hope will be a great place for people to help one another, and encourage the free exchange of very useful information”.

Brian Cattelle also adds “We also have a tumblr page which allows our customers to really stay up to date with whats new in there industry and how it relates you industry specific leads.  We are always offering new and innovative products, this is just a another convenient way to let people know about it and to know how they can best utalize it. In addition to that we post new and informative.”
In addition to there tumblr page Leads2Results has recently launched a live journal blog.  The purpose of this blog is very similar to that of the tumblr.  It is just another opportunity for them to inform there customers of great new products and to inform them of industry specific news. 
They just started up a brand new blog which is featured on Weebly.  Weebly is a blog that essentially allows users to actually build a new website.  Leads2Results is taking full advantage of this by starting up a new blog with there service.  Here you can find even more information on the leads industry and what is going on in the news and how it relates to our customers.

In the spirit of staying up to date with current trends, Leads2Results has taken a step into the world of pinterest.  Pinterest is a place where users can re-post things they find on the internet that they find of interest and think that other will as well.  Leads2Results has recognized the website popularity and joined in hopes to find various artifacts across the web and share them with there interested members.

In addition to all of this Leads2Results is introducing it's brand new news section.  It is here that any one iterested can easly access and information published by leads2results on the wide network of resources.  One easy place to access everything 24-7 so that everyone can stay up to date and informed.

In conclutions Leads2Results is always developing new programs that can greatly benefit current and future clients.  This largely due to the efforts of it's owner and there innovative web development team, lead by Jay Assis.  They always seem to  able to bring there customers the highest quality leads.  Assis proclaims in the following statement “We are always searching for new ways to make our product better and more accessible.  We work very hard to ensure our customers success and I am glad I can say I'm apart of that.“  In conjunction with there ever improving products and service Brian Cattelle, there Senior web designer and social media coordinator is consantly creating new and informative pages, and publishing up to date, informative articles.  This combination is one that will prove to be very plesasing to all slaes leads customers across the boards.

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