Monday, May 14, 2012

Optimizing Online Leads Generation with New Code and Social Media Networks

Lead generation has existed as its own industry for quite a while now, so really the idea of generating leads is not a new one. People grow accustom to a particular business model and they continue to rely on it. Some become so accustom they even attempt to continue to use it even after it becomes out dated. After a while you find your self talking to the wall, making no progress what so ever. There are also people or companies who for see this problem, take action and lead the pack to new innovative, progressive and, ultimately, more effective methods. This is the case with Leads2Results and there lead generation programs.

Championed by a very driven owner / operator, and there state of the art web development team, lead by Jay Assis, Leads2Results has implemented new processes that utilizes custom code, optimizing the generation of its leads. They call this process “Real Time Internet Generated Leads”. Assis boasts “Our leads are of the highest quality because, well, so is the custom code behind it. A system has been created here that accurately captures the most relevant information, and matches it to the appropriate client in mere moments!” They are excited about there lead generating system and anticipate seeing there customers benefiting greatly from it. Assis goes on to say “It is important to always be searching for new and innovative ways to make our leads even better. It is exciting to say that I am a part of that!”

Brian Cattelle, the senior web designer at Leads2Results adds “In addition to Jays code, we have given our entire website a facelift. It is designed to be more simple and user friendly while being easy on the eyes of course. Like Jay had mentioned earlier, it is a pleasure to be a part of such a great team that is doing these great things. We are really excited to see our customers using all of our new features!”

Leads2Results has also put a significant amount of effort into the expansion of its social media network. This seems to help there customers stay up to date with there new products and services. Many would say that making there social media network a priority has been a key factor in remaining a leader in leads generation for over a decade.

Brian Cattelle says “We want our customers to access new information related to the leads that concern them with ease. This is the exact reason we are expanding our network into social media. The more places we can be found the more convenient it is for our customers to find us.
Leads2Results has expanded there services to be readily available on a number of the major social media networks. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, livejournal, tumblr, pinterest, and Google +, even an extra site using Google sites!

Brian Cattelle, adds “I'm pumped about our social media network. I think that the coolest thing is our You Tube channel. Now we can feature brand new videos highlighting the benefits of the types of leads we offer including a full length demos that explain the whole process from beginning to end. Now our customers can see exactly what it is we do, and more importantly how we do it with our Leads2Results demo video”.

Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales states “The Leads2Results demo video has been great! A lot of people are visual learners, I know because I am one of them. Our videos will be a great way to get messages across easily and accurately”.

A leads to Leads2Results spokesperson left us with this statement “We are determined to continue a leader of innovation in the leads generation industry for many years to come. Our strong leadership, designers and developers backing our efforts will ensure this exciting and positive trend.

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