Monday, May 21, 2012

Increase in insurance sales indicate a good time to buy insurance leads

Insurance Sales seem to be on the rise in 2012. It would also seem like there no better time than present to start receiving insurance leads. The constant need for insurance always keeps sales promising but the exact amount of sales and those signing up for new policies can actually fluctuate greatly. At this moment in time it would seem more people are interested in getting insurance than those who are not. This increase in sales also comes an increase in competition. Its a good idea to enroll in some insurance leads so that you get a leg up on the next guy. These leads will help you get in touch with new customers that normal advertising can not.

If one ins to look at the calculations made by United Health Groups it looks like sales are up in 2012 due to increased enrollment. There earnings are exceeding its estimated projections due to increased there revenue. More specifically they saw an increase if 7.9 percent in the 4th quarter of 2011, according to the article “United Beats Forecasts” published by Boomberg News. It is noted that there strategy for continued success seems to setting themselves up with a strong membership base.

Insurance leads can help in increase membership base by giving you the opportunity to reach new clients and to speak to them on an individual basis. You don't get this chance with most other forms of advertising. Unfortunately you depend on the fact that the ad that has been placed into circulation is working and by working I mean bringing you new customers. The advantage of being on the phone is that you have a chance to react to any insecurities expressed on the clients behalf dynamically.

Article published on may 9th of 2012 by named “Nation wide Reports Strong Property and Casualty Growth Through The First Quarter 2012” further shows that insurance sales are increasing. Nationwide insurances Chief Financial Officer Mark Thresher said that "We continue to see momentum in personal lines sales due to stronger performance across all distribution channels and to an improving economy. Commercial lines sales were strong, the result of higher average premiums and exposure growth driven primarily by improving market conditions. Overall, we are well positioned to gain market share through sound underwriting, a commitment to great customer service and a dynamic distribution strategy." on May 7th of 2012 titled “Life insurance sales increase, sign of growing popularity“ posted another article strengthening this argument stating that “LIMRA reported individual life insurance sales grew 4 percent in annualized premium for 2011, marking the second year of continued growth. In the fourth quarter of 2011, life insurance premiums increased 2 percent year-over-year, illustrating the growing popularity of the valuable financial products.

As an insurance provider you might be asking your self how you can increase your sales. Insurance leads can be an excellent solution to increasing your sales and taking advantage of a marketplace that is on its way up. There is no better way to reach your new customers than though connecting with the directly. In conclusion insurance leads are a very useful tool in any economy but even more so in a growing economy. For insurance sales, now is the time!

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